Interior Design. Project Management. Colour Consultation

I love working on residential, office or public spaces - anywhere in need of a little inspiration.

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Interior design

The way I see it, a well designed space should make you feel inspired every time you step inside. This is why all my designs are about you, and the people who will use your space. Throughout the process, sometimes we'll talk about 'design things' - colours and furniture, use of light etc - but it's mostly about making it personal. My designs are about finding the best way to create a space that inspires you and the people who will use it.



Project management

As well as creating the design for your space, I work with the builders and all other contractors to deliver the finished project. This means it's my job to make sure everything looks the way we expect. I carry out regular site visits, especially at key moments in the project. I also source and negotiate price for furniture, materials and features.


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From colours and inspiration, to recommendations on styling - I am available for short, effective consultations to help you transform a space. Whether you want a do a complete colour-change, or simply make the most of your rented home without getting paint on the walls, I can help.